Roe Deer

Roe Deer at Squirrel Cottage

We are fortunate that Roe Deer abound in the woods and glens around Squirrel self catering holiday cottage. In the winter nights they often browse the ivy beside Squirrel Cottage and the entrance to the drive.

roe deer in Squirrel Cottage front gardenRoe deer are a native species to Britain, that are found all over main land Scotland.  They are relatively small, 63 to 69cm shoulder height, the size of a goat, hence their Latin name Capreolus capreolus meaning ‘small goat’. They can live up to 20 years and weigh between 18 to 26Kg (37 to 55lbs).

roe deer eating the ivyEach year the male roe deer grow a new set of antlers about 25cm (10ins) long, which are used to fight off other males and then are shed at the beginning of winter. The antlers have a maximum of three points to each antler, unlike the much larger Red deer that can have more than half a dozen points to each antler.

Roe deer have sandy red-brown fur in summer and rather grey-brown in winter. Mating takes place during late July and August, three months earlier than other species of deer in Britain. two roe deer in early springTwins are often born in May or June the following year. The young have a distinct line of spots along their back.

To identify a roe deer look at its rump – the female’s rump has a white ‘ace of spades’ while the male has a kidney shaped white patch on his rump.