Bird Life In The Garden And Trees Around Squirrel Cottage – all these images were taken at Squirrel Cottage over the years.

Long Tail Tits at feederAround Squirrel cottage there is plenty of bird life in the garden and the trees. The garden has feeders which attract large numbers of birds through out the day. Chaffinch, the whole family of Tits, Pheasants, Black birds, Robins, Dunnock, Rooks are regularly seen.

Woodpeckers – Pied Woodpeckers are frequent visitors to the feeders.

 Sparrowhawk – We have a Sparrow Hawk that regularly targets the birds at the feeders. Guests have reported that it sits in a Silver Birch tree over looking the garden and on the old tree stump outside Squirrel Cottage bedroom. Sparrow Hawk at Squirrel Cottage lawnYou know when the Sparrow Hawk is about as there are no birds to be seen anywhere!

Male pheasant are regular visitors, the females are less colour and very shy, but are seen from time to time too. Pheasants were brought to Britain some 400 years ago. They are primarily a woodland bird but are often seen in fields. The males are at their most spectacular plumage wise in the spring, when mating occurs.

Robin in the snowThere are residential Robins, you will often hear their loud ‘tic tic tic’ as they defend their territory especially in the spring and early summer. Robins are unusual in that both males and females defend territories, about midwinter Robins pair and share territories.

There are many Tits and Greenpinch at the feeders. There are three varieties of Tit at the feeders and in the woods around Squirrel Cottage. Great Tit, Blue Tit and the Coal Tit. You will see Tits all day long at the feeders. Green finch at the feedersThe peanuts and the sunflower seeds are what they truly love.  You will also see Green Finch munching away at the sunflower seeds.

The trees in the Killiecrankie gorge are full of nesting boxes put up by the National Trust Rangers who look after the wild life in this Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Winter is a harsh time for birds especially when there is snow lying on the ground. We make sure there is plenty of food for the birds so as many of them as possible survive our winters.male pheasant in snow

Despite the harshness of our Highland winters, there is much to see and enjoy. The roads are kept open by snow plough teams who are well drilled and used to clearing our roads. The landscape can be very picturesque and walking great fun.