Squirrel Cottage is know for its wildlife. Feeders feed the birds all year round, a variety of bird food is put out, from robin food for ground feeding birds such as chaffinch, black birds, to peanuts and fat balls for the wood peckers, the tit family (coal tits, long tail tits – on occasions, blue tits). Both male and female pheasants are frequent visitors. The Sparrow Hawk mounts an attach most days (we have located he feeders near bushes to reduce his success rate.


There are also lots or red squirrels (depending on the natural food available to them). No matter how much they love peanuts and sunflower seeds, natural wild food wins out, when it is available.

Red Squirrel at Squirrel Cottage

We do have frequent visits by pine-martens, unfortunately mostly at night. There is a wildlife camera if you want to use it, ask Kathleen and James who will be delighted to show you how it works and let you use it.

Fancy seeing one of Perthshire’s Beavers?

We have found a wonderful lady who does guided beaver walks. She started them in 2015 and so far has had 100% sightings. We sat on the river bank and were entertained by a family of beavers for hours. For more details click on the link in the beaver heading.