Booking conditions.

Booking conditions.

Squirrel Cottage is for non smokers (inside and outside). It sleeps two people and is not suitable for small children 16 yrs and under on account of the proximity of the Alt Girnaig burn (stream) that runs beside the cottage. We also keep Suirrel Cottage free of all animals for those with alergies. If you do have any allergies (feathers, dust, skin etc) please check with us before you book

A reservation will be held for 7 days upon receipt of the deposit of £90.00 the booking will be confirmed.

The full price for the booking must be paid six weeks prior to the holiday. Your deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your holiday after telephone, heating and electricity deductions.

Why pay for heating and electricity as extras?
We decided that this is the fairest way of handling the electricity and heating costs, is for guests to pay for the units they use during their stay. As some guests spend a lot of the holiday out and about, hardly using any heating or electricity. While as other guests spend a lot of their holiday in Squirrel Cottage enjoying the Squirrels and wildlife.

Meters are read on arrival, the electicity and oil is charged at the same rate we pay, (no mark ups).

Our rational, is why should some guests subsidise other guest’s stay? We felt this was this the fairest way of doing this, hope you do too!!.

Prices reflect peak season and off season rates.

You may e-mail us or phone 01796 473335 for a booking.

£180 Winter Short Break Nov – February (March £225) + metred oil heating, elec and phone at cost. Book any 3 nights short break during plus heating, electricity and telephone. Price includes all linen, towels, soap, washing powder, hand soap etc Just bring your food, drink and yourselves.