Squirrel Cottage Availability

Squirrel Cottage is one of the best located Holiday Cottages near Pitlochry.

Holiday lets time periods.
March to October – 7 days from Saturday 5pm to the following Saturday 10am , from 1st week in March to the last week in October. November through to Last week in March , you can stay in Squirrel Cottage for short breaks, days to suit your agenda. It is ideal for those who enjoy walking and hiking in the Pitlochry area.

November to February – Short Breaks – starting other than from Saturday are available November to February each year. Short Break Cost: 3 nights – £185 (March £225) + Electricity, heating, phone etc – You choose the days you require – 3 nights of your choice, arrive from 2pm on your first night and leave by 5pm on your final day.

To make a reservation:– e-mail james@explorescotland.net or Tel:- 01796 473335

Pine-marten at Squirrel Holiday Cottage near Pitlochry

September 2019 £520 per week
7th September to 14th September – Booked
14th September to 21st September – Booked
21st September to 28th September – Booked

October 2019 £515 per week
28th September to 5th October` – Booked
5th October to 12th October – Booked
12th October to 19th October – Booked
19th October to 26th October – Booked
26th October to 2nd November –

November 2019 £315 per week
2nd November to 9th November – Booked
9th November to 16th November – Booked
16th November to 23rd November – Booked
23rd November to 30 November – Booked

December 2019 £315 per weekred squirrel in autumn at holiday cottage near Pitlochry30 November to 7th December – Available
7th December to 14th December – Available
14th December to 21st December – Booked

Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020.
21st December to 28th Dec £425 – Booked
28th Dec to 2nd Jan (5days) £395 – Available

January 2020 £300 per week4th January to 11th January – Available
11th January to 18th January – Available
18th January to 25th January – Available
25th January to 1st February – Available

February 2020 £300 per week
1st February to 8th February – Available
8th February to 15th February – Booked
15th February to 22nd February – Available
22nd February to 29th February – Booked

March 2020 £410 per week
29th February to 7th March– Available
7th March to 14th March – Available
14th March to 21st March– Available
21st March to 28th March– Available
28th March to 4th April Booked

April 2020 £470 per weekroe deer in snow
4th April to 11th April – Booked
11th April to 18th April – Available
18th April to 25th April – Available
25th April to 2nd May –Available

May 2020 £485 per week
2nd May to 9th May – Booked
9th May to 16th May – Booked
16th May to 23rd May – Booked
23rd May to 30th May – Booked

June 2020 £530 per week
30th May to 6th June – Booked
6th June to 13th June – Booked
13th June to 20th June – Booked
20th June to 27th June – Booked

July 2020 £570 per week
27th June to 4th July – Booked
4th July to 11th July – Booked
11th July to 18th July – Booked
18th July to 25th July – Booked
25th July to 1st August – Booked

August 2020 £570 per week
1st August to 8th August – Available
8th August to 15th August – Available
15th August to 22nd August – Available
22nd August to 29th August – Available

September 2020 £530 per week
29th August to 5th September – Booked
5th September to 12th September – Available
12th September to 19th September – Available
19th September to 26th September – Available

October 2020 £530 per weekOne of many red squirrels seen at holiday cottages near Pitlochry
26th September to 3rd October` – Available
3rd October to 10th October – Available
10th October to 17th October – Available
17th October to 24th October – Available
24th October to 31st October – Booked

November 2020 £320 per week
31st October to 7th November – Available
7th November to 14th November – Available
14th November to 21st November – Available
21st November to 28th November – Available

December 2020 £320 per week
28th November to 5th December – Available
5th December to 12th December – Available
12th December to 19th December – Available
19th December to 26th Dec (6 days) £380 – Available
26th Dec to 3rd Jan (6 days) £425 – Available

January 2021 £320 per week
2nd January to 9th January – Available

Ideal for those looking for holiday cottages near Pitlochry.