Squirrel Cottage Availability

Holiday lets time periods.
March to October – 7 days from Saturday 5pm to the following Saturday 10am , from 1st week in March to the last week in October. November through to Last week in March , you can stay in Squirrel Cottage for short breaks, days to suit your agenda.

November to February – Short Breaks – starting other than from Saturday are available November to February each year. Short Break Cost: 3 nights – £185 (March £225) + Electricity, heating, phone etc – You choose the days you require – 3 nights of your choice, arrive from 2pm on your first night and leave by 5pm on your final day.

To make a reservation:– e-mail james@explorescotland.net or Tel:- 01796 473335

March 2019 £405 per week (3 night stay £225)
9th March to 16th March – Available
16th March to 23rd March – Available
23rd March to 30th March – Available

April 2019 £465 per week
30 th March to 6th April – Booked
6th April to 13th April – Booked
13th April to 20th April – Available
20th April to 27th April – Available

May 2019 £480 per week
27th April to 4th May – Available
4th May to 11th May – Booked
11th May to 18th May – Booked
18th May to 25th May – Booked
25th May to 1st June –Available

June 2019 £525 per week
1st June to 8th June – Booked
8th June to 15th June – Available
15th June to 22nd June – Booked
22nd June to 29th June – Booked

July 2019 £565 per weekred squirrel in the leaves
29th June to 6th July – Booked
6th July to 13th July – Booked
13th July to 20th July – Booked
20th July to 27th July  – Booked

August 2019 £570 per week
27th July to 3rd August – Booked
3rd August to 10th August – Booked
10th August to 17th August – Available
17th August to 24th August – Booked
24th August to 31st August – Booked

September 2019 £520 per week
31st August to 7th September – Booked
7th September to 14th September – Booked
14th September to 21st September – Available
21st September to 28th September – Booked

roe deer in snowOctober 2019 £515 per week
28th September to 5th October` – Booked
5th October to 12th October – Booked
12th October to 19th October – Booked
19th October to 26th October – Available
26th October to 2nd November –

November 2019 £315 per week
2nd November to 9th November – Booked
9th November to 16th November – Booked
16th November to 23rd November – Booked
23rd November to 30 November – Booked

December 2019 £315 per week
30 November to 7th December – Available
7th December to 14th December – Available
14th December to 21st December – Booked

Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020.
21st December to 28th Dec £425 – Booked
28th Dec to 2nd Jan (5days) £395 – Available

red squirrel

January 2020 £300 per week
4th January to 11th January – Available
11th January to 18th January – Available
18th January to 25th January – Available
25th January to 1st February – Available

February 2020 £300 per week
1st February to 8th February – Available
8th February to 15th February – Available
15th February to 22nd February – Available
22nd February to 29th February – Available